The Bintel Philosophy

Located and established in Malawi, we are a professional service provider focusing on data-centric services delivered as business intelligence solutions. We believe that there are valuable insights that your data is keeping from your business. Therefore, our focus is to ensure that businesses have the proper systems, computing and data storage infrastructure, data and data products, and the capacity to effectively use their dormat and active data resources to discover valuable, timely, accurate and actionable business insights.

Value Proposition

Our data-centric services and products prescribe systems, processes, methodologies and applications necessary for fact-based, informed business decision making. We create value by providing business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions to individuals, companies, research/learning institutions and NGOs, allowing them to source, store and utilize data to discover valuable insights and make informed decisions that propel their businesses.

Bintel Analytics is unique service provider offering full-stack BI and analytics solutions that cover every of aspect of data-driven decision making; from data creation through analysis, mining, reporting, visualization to retirement.

Our Vision

A vibrant, informed and competitive business ecosystem propelled by data-driven business insights.

Our Mission

To provide business intelligence and analytics solutions to our clients, equipping them with the means and skills to source, store and utilize data to discover valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Core Values

Integrity - We adhere to ethics & standards and conduct business with the utmost professionalism.

Service - Our job is to serve and our clients are of paramount importance.

Innovation - Constantly crafting new ways to tackle evolving problems and deliver the best services for our clients

Social Entrepreneurship - We strive to deliver both economic and social value with potential global impact

Openness - We promote a culture of sharing and inclusiveness

The Bintel Team

Our foundation is strengthened by a firm management team that consist of experienced and skilful professionals, whose synergy enables timely delivery of services that exceed expectations. Meet the dedicated to delivering the best services and unforgettable customer experience.

Walusungu Gondwe Bintel

Walu G. Gondwe

Managing Director
Bryan Mthiko Bintel

Bryan Mthiko

Manager - Research & Development
Malango Msukwa Bintel

Malango Msukwa

Manager - Finance & Admin
Jerome Msampha Bintel

Jerome Msampha

Manager - Marketing & Sales