Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions.

Discover the set of services and products crafted to deliver your business' success and future at your fingertips.

Unleash the power of data to propel your business.

Data Matters! Choose from our business intelligence & analytics services and products designed to allow you to source, store and effectively utilize your data to discover valuable insights and make informed decisions.

BI Infrastructure & Managed Services

Storage & computing hardware, databases/data warehouses, BI Dasbboards, Third-party BI software support

Data Management Outsourcing

Back-office data management: Data collection, cleansing, migration, analysis, reporting, big data consulting, web/social analytics

BI & Analytics Tools Training

Get professional training and advance your career. A variety of training courses suited to your needs and schedule

Market Research

Gain a competitive edge. Market & industry analysis, competitive analysis, opinion polls.

Who We Are

Located and established in Malawi, we are a professional service provider focusing on data-centric services delivered as business intelligence solutions. We create value for our clients located within and outside Africa by prescribing systems, methodologies, tools and skills to utilize data to make informed business or everyday decisions.