Data Management Outsourcing

Focus on your core business and let us handle the routine data management tasks.

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Outsource & Relax

Data is a valuable business resource that has to be efficiently managed. Outsourcing back-office data management tasks has the potential to accelerate your business or project and help you gain massive financial savings. Our team is professionally trained to handle the mundane data entry, cleaning, integration, digitizaion and reporting allowing you to maximize the return on your investment.


Outsourcing with us presents you with a variety of benefits:

  • Dedicated team of professionals - Tap from data management expertise that may not be available withing your organization
  • Access to specialized tools - An opportunity to access specialized tools that may be too complex or costly to build in-house
  • Save Money- No need to pay full-time data managers or analysts. Pay only when you have to.
  • Save Time- Streamline processes and save time by utilizing the focus and experience that comes with our outsourced services.


Fast . Efficient . Cost Effective

Our data collection services employ modern, efficient and cost effective methods that allow you to easily bring the data of your choice at your table.

  • Online survery design & data processing
  • Digital and paper-based form processing, verification and data entry
  • Digitization - Image scanning, OCR/ICR, audio transcription
  • On-premise and cloud-based mobile data collection solutions
  • Cloud-based data storage, sharing, conversion and API integration


Migrate . Integrate . Convert

Migrate and integrate data from diverse sources for your business' convinience. Convert your data to formats suitable for your consumption.

  • Convert between standard formats (CSV,EXCEL,JSON,SQL,XML) and more
  • Extract, Trasformat and Load (ETL) - Transform your raw data sources into your preferred structure
  • Migration - Have the freedom to move your data between storage technologies and formats
  • Integration - Unify your operational, transactional and analytical data into one clean and consistent store.


Cleanse. Improve Quality.

Our data cleansing services takes care of detecting and removing errors, correcting missing data and anomalies and ensuring your data sources comply to standards.

  • Merge data set from different sources, in different formats
  • Record linkage joining data sets that do not share a common idenfitier into one logical set
  • Rebuild missing data, check anomalies and restructure your data store
  • Standardize data to comply to technical and operational standards
  • Normalization/De-normalization and restructure to conform to your data integrity requirements

Data Analysis & Reporting

Explore. Discover. Report.

Simplify and expedite your analysis project. Get professional services while you upgrade your data analysis skills.

  • Researchers - Quantitative, qualitative and mixed research data analysis and reporting
  • Students - Research support for dissertation and professional results presentation
  • Data Mining - Discover trends, patterns and correlations hidden in your data
  • Statistical Packages - Learn how to professionaly use statistical packages for your research or dissertation
  • Report Writting - Typesetting (Tex, Latex), lists of tables, figures and listings

Big Data Consulting

Think Big. Uncover Insights

Uncover the potential of your large, under-utilized big data sets and discover hidden insights that will revolutionalize the way you do business.

  • Big Data Strategy - Discover how you can leverage your bid data resources to improve your business
  • Cloud-based PaaS and SaaS big data solutions that enhance your business
  • 24/7 Technical Support for cloud and on-premise big data deployment
  • Big data technologies technical training (see our training offerings)

Web & Social Media Analytics

Track. Analyse. Optimize

Utilize vital web and social analytics to improve return on your marketing investment.

  • Search engine optimization, goal & conversion tracking and customized KPIs
  • Use web analytics to measure and improve your rankings on major search engines
  • Track social likes and shares for marketing
  • Analyse sentiments and opinions about your brand on social media